The wine company Corte Gardoni, owned by the Piccoli family since 1971, includes a total surface area of approximatively 45 hectares, composed by:

  • 23 hectares of vineyard
  • 8 hectares of arable land
  • 2 hectares of apple orchard
  • 2 hectares of olive groove
  • 10 hectares of woods
  • The property is located in the southern-eastern moraine hills of the Garda area, at an altitude from 90 to 180 meters above the sea level.

The main products of the company are three:

  • Wine – around 200 thousand bottles
  • Apples – around 1,000 quintals
  • Oil extra virgin olive oil – around 10 quintals

Corte Gardoni is a family-run business: Gianni Piccoli, the founder, still supervises the business, but the daily management is in the hands of his three sons: Mattia, Stefano and Andrea. Their entrance has guaranteed a future marked by continuity for the company; moreover, they have strengthened its own structure, underwriting those technical-scientific competences that are essential for the production of high quality wines nowadays. Mattia, the elder, is a wine-making expert and he handles the main processes of the winegrowing activities, from the vinification till the wine bottling. Stefano is charged of the agronomic work and Andrea deals with the business management issues.