The weather of the area is determined by the padanian-alpine region it belongs to. The area is a big space delimited by the chains of the Alps and by the Apennines, East open in direction of the Adriatic Sea, which implies a certain air stability, with an accumulation of big quantities of energy, warmth and humidity. The alpine chain is the cause of the risks of climatic vagaries due to cold air coming from the North.


The micro weather of the area of Corte Gardoni is deeply influenced by the presence of a huge water mass: The Garda lake. His proximity mitigates the temperature, balancing the opposites: the average temperature is warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, if compared to the rest of the region. However, it does not reduce the thermal gap because the temperature is much more cold in the evening. This characteristic facilitates the formation of particular flavourings within the grapes; moreover, the constant ventilation from the hills ensures perfect grapes during every harvesting, even if the humid weather might cause the formation of rotten parts. The ventilation is caused by the lake breeze, which may lead to another advantage: an incredibly clean air; however, it may also turn into a violent storm with risk of hailstorms.


Average temperature during the latest 20 years: max 18-19,5°C – min 7,5-9,5°C


Average annual rainfalls: 850 mm